Our Trainers

Matt StoneMatt Stone (マット ストーン) is Hoahana International’s Managing Director, Chief Consultant and a Senior Trainer. In addition to overseeing and providing corporate consulting, facilitation and training, Mr. Stone manages East Asia business development and operations. Mr. Stone is a licensed American attorney and entrepreneur, with global marketing, business development, brand strategy and communications experience. He has lived and worked throughout the U.S. and Asia, including California, Hawaii and Japan.

Robert SelfRobert Self (ロバト セルフ) is a Senior Executive Trainer and Executive Coach for Hoahana International. Mr. Self has more than 15 years’ experience in Japan with several import and media companies. Robert’s extensive executive experiencing includes CEO roles at Taschen Japan K.K., the Japan branch of the prestigious German art company, and Phaidon Asiana K.K., a company specializing in exporting goods from the U.K. to Japan and Asia. Mr. Self now leverages his executive experience and honed communication skills (Japanese and English) to train and coach Japanese and other global executives in the area of influence skills.