The concept of Relational Infrastructure Management is an important element of everything we do, whether we are providing leadership, marketing, globalization or other consulting services.

Every interaction results in two outcomes: information exchange and the formation of an impression. The information exchanged is the objective task-related “what” of our conversations with each other. The subjective impressions of the interaction are the “how.” We need both. Together, the “how” and the “what” constitute the infrastructure of communication, or the “Relational Infrastructure” (“RI”).

Most people and organizations spend more time focused on the “what” than on the “how” of their communications, yet the subjective-relationship outcome of communication is often more critical to overall long-term success.

By managing RI through awareness, training and deliberate preparation, individuals and organizations can dramatically improve communication effectiveness.

Consistent RI management progressively builds enduring power and influence. The most successful brands and renowned leaders manage their RI strategically and perpetually. They are intentional about “what” they need and they are keenly interested in “what” those with whom they are interacting need. They also know that longer term interests will best be served by being equally intentional about “how” they interact.

In short, RI management provides the tools and skills to enhance the effect and affect of every contact.

Remember, your brand is a car than never stops moving. Those who mindfully manage RI have their hands on the wheel. Those who don’t, don’t. Either way, the car rolls on. The only question is whether it goes in the direction you want it to.

Are your hands on the wheel?

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Global Communication

Hoahana International’s diverse, experienced team of business trainers work with your team to sharpen their communication and negotiation skills. Language skill is important, but it is only part of the equation.

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Negotiation Consulting

For clients negotiating agreements or other matters with Western counterparts, Hoahana International is available to support and advise your team.

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Hoahana International’s Leadership & Business Services are available to support your global business endeavors.

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Language Services

While our primary focus is on English communication, Hoahana International recognizes the importance of providing certain services in our clients’ native languages, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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