Language Services

While our primary focus is on English communication, Hoahana International recognizes the importance of providing certain services in our clients’ native languages, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese. We are able to provide document translation and live-action interpreting services as part of our consulting/training packages.

Hoahana’s document translation service is available as a complement to our consulting services, or as a stand-alone service.

We are dedicated to excellence in all that we do, including translations. Our translation process is another example of our commitment to quality work:


Our highly skilled people are able to deliver accuracy every time because in addition to their individual abilities and knowledge, they work as teams through a process that is highly effective.

Hoahana’s translation process helps our translators, editors, proofreaders, subject matter experts and formatters deliver a finished translation that is error-free, accurate and calibrated appropriately to your intended reader or audience demographic. While the processes vary depending on the nature of the document, most of our translations share the following process traits:

  1. First, a dedicated translator–with appropriate subject matter expertise when needed–completes a draft translation.
  2. Next, a separate editor reviews the document to double-check the work, and ensure that idioms, expressions, and general tone are appropriate to the customer’s intended audience.
  3. Finally, the document is transferred to a third person for final proofreading and/or formatting for publication if needed.